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Create A Website With Wordpress!

I will show you how to exactly create a blog in less than 5 minutes, i mean a professional blog, something you can pay $2000 for it, but i will show you how to create one for only $60 a year!

I created more than thousands of website for various company, i know how to launch a new site, for cheap and fast! Create your free account below and begin to publish your first post on your new professionnel blog!

Choose Your hosting

First of all you need to host your website on a computer that will be turned on 24 hours a day. For $ 15 a month you can start having your own a website or blog, this price includes webhosting as well as the domain name. Each web host will offer you to install WordPress very easily. I will list you web hosts so that you can make a selection.

We recommend Imasterweb.com to host your website online.

Install WordPress

Here are the basic steps to configure when you first install your site. Go to Setting, Permalinks, and choose Post Name then validate your settings.

Then in appearance you can choose a new theme for your site, in Appearance, Theme, just click Add on top and select a new theme that you like. You can also continue with the basic theme. There are plenty of quality WordPress theme providers where you can buy a nice and fresh theme for $50, it will allow you to give a professional look to your site.

For me the best place to buy a premium theme WordPress is Template Monster or Themeforest.

Then you can go to Appearance, Customize and enhance your site by adding widget, header image, background image or by changing the colors and title of the site.

Publish your first article or page

Just go into an Article to post articles or on Page to publish pages. I advise you to adopt the pages if your site is static for example a company site but if instead you want to keep a news site or a personal blog then I advise you to use the blog part of WordPress. In any case you can always have a Contact Page or About Us pages. Posts in WordPress are classified by Category or Tag. I advise you to use the categories to organize your content, favor a minimum of 3 articles per category. Same thing for tags, do not add unnecessary tags, because each new tag create a new page, this is bad, from SEO point of view.

Add beautiful high-quality images to your articles, create a Facebook page and also a Twitter account to post links to your site.

Increase in your online visibility

Give visibility to your website is simple just create a lot of interesting content and go on to other websites publishing links to your site. You can also wait for people to post backlinks voluntarily to your site but it will take more longer.