How to Buy A Domain Name?

Before you book your domain name you have to check if it’s available for registration:

Domain Name Search

The domain name checker above will find any domain name at a competitive rate, you can simply book a domain name or choose the option with web hosting.

Why A Domain Name?

You need a domain name for your website. It’s recommended to take an extension in .com but sometimes it’s not available so you’ll choose another extension like .net, .org, etc..

There are many new extravagant domain extensions such as .ninja and .party, it’s also possible to reserve domain extensions related to a country name like .br for Belgium, .ca for Canada, .fr for France, .de for Germany..

When you want to reserve a domain name to protect your brand, it’s recommended to take also the most popular extensions like the .net the .org and the .info

The domain name of your website will surely be in the header of all your communication documents with your customers. So make no mistake in choosing your domain name it’s important to choose a sustainable domain name and memorizable. In order to create a brand that people can memorize and they will easily communicate the address of your site to their friends and colleagues.

If you ever want to change your domain name it’s always possible to redirect from one domain to another. It is strongly recommended to do a “301 Redirection” when moving your website.

Domain Name Generator

You can use tool to generate a domain name, sometimes it will help you to finetune your search or to find inspiration.