What Is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, it is the brother of SEASearch Engine Advertising which is mainly to buy keywords on Adwords. Together they form the SEMSearch Engine Marketing.

Keywords Research

Keyword Research

Any SEO project starts with a keyword analysis, what are the search terms most used by your potential customers? What are your competitor’s sites, their best keywords, their landing pages and their best backlinks?

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Then we determine the structure and content of the pages of your website, which URL for your destination pages, which topics to write about, which keywords to use in your titles and META descriptions.

Website Performance

Website Performance

In order for the content strategy to work properly, it is necessary to have a fast and well indexable website by the search engines. WordPress is recognized as an ideal content management system for managing your internet presence and also for its SEO performance. We are specialists in website creation with WordPress, there are extensions to improve every part of your SEO.

Quality Backlinks


Last step for a successful SEO strategy, you need backlinks! Google and other search engines evaluate the reputation of a website by counting the number of links that point to your site. We must not rush and get bad links but rather develop win-win partnerships.

In summary, you need a powerful website with good content and quality links.

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